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    My name's Joe and I work for Blip Publishing.

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    “Dielle opened his eyelids a fraction, kidding himself that if
    something horrible was about to happen, he could avoid it by snapping
    them shut again. His pupils contracted in the bright light and darted
    from side to side, taking in details that his brain found almost
    impossible to process. Gradually he allowed his eyes to widen as Sis
    compensated for the adrenaline rush and stabilised his cortisol
    levels. They were standing in bright daylight on a recreation platform
    scattered with morph-frames, floatshades and variable tables.
    Everywhere he looked, he saw buildings and platforms; gigantic slender
    towers of tessellated mirrors hundreds of stories high, smaller
    structures with surfaces that swallowed light or modified it in
    brain-tickling ways and slender tendrils which joined the towering
    spires or curved into the hazy distance. Their platform was edged with
    shimmerail, a chest-high barrier which transformed from its barely
    visible default state into an opaque, solid wall as he approached it.

    He looked down over the edge. Below them was a three dimensional
    matrix of buildings, walkways and public spaces all of them lit by the
    ubiquitous sunlight that seemed to cast no shadows. It was a vast
    sprawling metropolis, filled with light and space and teaming with
    people. And as far as Dielle could tell, every building, bridge and
    platform was floating… ‘A floating city in a landscape on a
    spaceship.’ ‘It’s not a landscape, silly. This is Slab. It’s a